Relics of Interaction

Lapis lazuli, silver, cotton, 2019



Beware, Electric Power Lines / Caution, Sensitive Electronic Device / Danger, High Voltage, 2018

Tiger’s eye, yellow quartz, labradorite, electrical copper wire.

Using a lot of time on technological devices and social media can be an obstacle to experiencing the physical surrounding. Time can easily be spent in the virtual reality creating content and performing emotions instead of actually feeling what’s present here and now. This can suppress one’s real-life experiences. Joining natural and technological materials in unexpected and playful ways celebrates the need to experience emotions and tactility.



necklace, paper, 2017

We are served a lot of news every day through various channels. Bad news, ridiculous news, frightening news, chocking news, fake news, unnecessary news and maybe some good news. How does the information affect you? What is valuable to know? The amount of information we get can create a chaotic feeling and be compared to noise. In this piece I used local newspapers and tabloids. Strips of paper are woven together in a meditative way to deal with the information overload, reminding us that we have to make choices in order to remain sane.



necklace, brass, nylon, 2017

part of bachelor project


In this project I looked for rhythm from a perspective of wellbeing, which for me means the rhythm that derives from repetitive action. I think that we as human beings have an instinctive need for finding harmony through rhythm. After all, we are created by the heartbeat. I strive to connect to the rhythm within my own body through the repetitive making. The components I produce by cutting are gradually arranged into a wearable surface, a sort of textile by knotting and weaving into a pattern. My work becomes a pattern of elements, a visual rhythm.


“Energy moves in waves. Waves move in patterns. Patterns move in rhythms. A human being is just that, energy, waves, patterns, rhythms. Nothing more. Nothing less...” - Gabrielle Roth



bracelet, brass, nylon, 2017

part of bachelor project


Smiling ribbon

necklace, brass, nylon, 2017

part of bachelor project

Acquired by the Finnish Jewellery Art Association 2018



brooch, gold plated brass, nylon, 2017

part of bachelor project


"Rhythm is our universal mother tongue. It's the language of the soul." - Gabrielle Roth



body piece, aluminium, nylon, 2017

part of bachelor project


Ring, 18k yellow gold, 2017


Object / necklace, cotton, silver, 2016

Doing something repetitive and rhythmic with your hands can help silence an inner monologue and create relaxation. Rosary or prayer beads, is jewellery which can be used in a repetitive, meditative way . This piece is made flexible and soft to touch. The contrasting metal knot works as a start and end for a moment with the self.




Brooch, silver, 2016

Brooch inspired by the culture building Soria Moria in Oslo, Norway. By wearing the brooch you are the performer, not the audience. The construction is like a setting, which also can be a place for an event. What do you want to say?


Cup, copper, 2016


Earrings, antler, 2016

designed for An Vandevorst (A.F.Vandevorst)


String of beads

necklace, textile, copper wire, 2016

What happens when the strings and beads are not separate but one? A structure is created for a life form - something organic takes shape.




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